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Welcome to HBTC

 The objective of forming the company to be named “ HYPERBARIC TECHNOLOGIES COMPANY, Ltd.”   is to form the first truly professional company in Thailand to offer a complete ‘one-stop’ hyperbaric systems sales, service center,  and complete clearing house for Hyperbaric medical information and chamber operator training.


HBTC, Ltd. offers:

• Specialized 24 hour 7 days per week, Technical Support Personnel on call.
• Preventive Maintenance package plans.
• Complete, ‘Turn-Key’ facility design and systems installation services.
• Hospital/Clinic Engineering staff orientation and consultation.
• Appropriate and documented Oxygen use calculation figures.
• All work performed in accordance with accepted, recognized International application and performance standards.
• Current Certification by ASME/PVHO-2, and NFPA-99 (‘Health care Facilities’ - US/International Standards of practice).
• Hyperbaric Chamber sales and pre-purchase consultation services.
• Multiplace and Monoplace chamber configurations, New and Pre-owned, all approved and certified by FDA (USA and Thailand).
• Oxygen/Medical Air breathing supply systems, compressors, manifolds, filters and piping design information and installation.
• Ancillary life support equipment sales and service. Patient blood pressure monitors, EKG, Hyperbaric Ventilators and Hyperbaric Infusion pump systems.
• All design consultations in compliance with ASME/PVHO-2, and CGA guidelines and regulations, in keeping with acknowledged Internationally accepted Industry standards of materials and safety practices.
• Complete end user maintenance programs and all applicable training for selected staff and operations personnel.
• International Chamber Operations certifications (DMO, CHT and CHRN) and educational training programs for total Hyperbaric Staff certification.
• Dedicated and personal training assistance for Hyperbaric Physicians, Nurses and patient caregivers.
• Access to ‘On-Going’ educational seminars through HTC’s International Hyperbarics Community contacts.
• Direct, personal communication with internationally approved certifying agencies, and continuing education opportunities
• Access to HTC Reference Library concerning up-to-date patient treatment protocols, current Off-Label uses of HBOT,  and the variety of internationally accepted Indications for HBOT.